Best New Fundraiser in Erie

Tired of selling stuff people don't want or don't use for your organizations fundraiser?   No more, sell them the Sud Card, everyone has a car, clothes or a Dog! 

We have several different programs you can do but they all revolve around selling "The Sud Card" .  Teams, organizations, church groups, etc , you can do any of the following:

1) Purchase Sud Cards at a discounted rate to be sold at face value, organization keeps the difference

2) Day at Mr Suds,  pick an evening or weekend and your group can work at the car wash, selling Sud Cards along with collection money for your organization

3) Combine Both 1 & 2

4) Organization can sign up members with fleet account cards and organization get a % back of total spend each month. 

Call today to find out more info 838-0102


Great Gift

You can guy a Sud Card online and have them shipped anywhere.  Great last minute Gift.  You can even stop in and buy them 24/7 at our Value Card Changer in front of the building by our Vending & Pepsi Machine

Why Buy a Sud Card?

1) Saves you $$  between 10 to 20%

2) Faster then Cash: never fight with the machine to take your warn $5 bill again

3) Get instant refunds for problems,  no longer do you have to wait weeks for your money back.  Call our trouble number give them your Sud Card and the money will be back on your card within 24 hours

4) All the Receipts you want: Sud Card users can get receipts at our Card Reader in our vending area for all services used.  [Example a customer uses the Dog Wash, Self Serve Car Wash and Shampoer, they can get one receipt with all the charges on it]

5) Specials and Extra Giveaways:  radomely we will have specials on our Twitter and Facebook account giving customers additional % when they recharge their sudcards or other special promotions.

The Bottom line is you Can't afford not to get a Sud Card, our prices are already great and we are giving you even more in savings.

These cards can be used at both our locations at 2227 W 38th st, Erie PA 16506 and 1634 E 38th St, Erie PA 16510