fleet & fundraising

Fleet:  Business can set up a business account with a credit card and are billed at the end of each month.  They can have any vehical in their fleet set up on a Sud Card and then receive a % discount based on volume of use each month.  Get one tax deductible bill for all of your washing needs each month.

Fundraising:  Our you tired of trying to sell something to friends and neighbors that is overpriced and that they don't really need?  Start selling the Sud Cards.  Groups can purchase Sud Cards in bulk at a discount and resell them for face value to earn money for your team, organization or charity. The Best part is everyone you ask either has a Car, Dog or clothes that need cleaned!

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Self Serve Dog Wash

Home of two "State of the Art" Evolution Dog Washes which make washing your favorite pup fun and no longer a choir.  For just $10 you get 10 minutes which is enough time to wash, rinse, condition, and dry most dogs. 

All Soap & dryers are included with the dog wash

Open 24/7

Bring your Dogs to our doggie run after or before



Our Maytag equipped Laundromat features the newest and most effeicent Maytag machines on the market today.  Our stainless steel machines not only look great but they clean better then any others.  You can purchase tokens with both cash or credit, and our laundry is open 24/7


the sud card

We sell our "Sud Card"  24/7, you can buy it online at www.MrSudsWash.com or in front of our building at our vending area anytime.  The  "Sud Card" is a gift card or loyalty card if you will in which we offer savings from 10% up to 20% to our customers.

You purchase the card for a set amount like $20 and you get extra money added on to the card of $22 to $30 depending on the current sale.

These cards can be used on all our services that have credit card swippers:  both automatic washes, the self serve bay, our shampoer and vacuum,  both dog washes & to purchase tokens for the Laundromat.



Car WASh

 2 Touchless Automatic Washes:  Now featuring dryers and the "New Sud Blaster" Car Washes start at just $5 with the top wash being $8

1 Self-Serve Car Wash Bay:  We have large ceiling for larger trucks, an hand air dryer, and accepts; Cash, coins, tokens, and even our Sud Card and Credit Cards.  No other car wash in Erie has a Self-Serve bay that accepts credit cards.

We are proud to be family owned by a local Erie family.  We take great pride in the services we provide to our neighbors and friends around the Erie community.


Mr Suds Wash at 2227 W 38th St was created from the former "Rapid Wash" Car wash which was built in the late 80's. The Wash had fallen in to disrepair and at times was basically shut down.  Starting in the late winter of 2013-14 the renovations started.  The start of Mr Suds Wash was formed.

Mr Suds has taken that old wash and made it new, modern and updated the services and systems from the 90's to the current state of the art systems. 

Mr Suds Wash is now fully operational and functional at two great locations, our 1st location at 2227 W 38th St, Erie PA 16506 opened in 2015.  In January 2016 we opened our 2nd location at 1634 E 38th st.   Mr Suds features two Evolution self serve Dog Washes which are the best dog cleaning systems in the country.  You get the best and it cost just $10 for 10 minutes.  Try it today and you will be a customer forever.

We took great pride in building our Laundromat to visually appealing, productive, and safe for our customers. We have several large capacity machines, WiFi, Air Conditioning,  Directv and even the Sunday Ticket for the Fall. Our Dryers our the fastest in the Erie Market.

Customers find it very convienent to be able to multitask while doing their laundry weither it is washing your dog, car, sitting out on our Sun Deck, walking the dog in the Dog Run area or vacuuming out the inside of your car, you will not find a more efficient way to stay clean.

We hope you enjoy your business.

Mr Suds

Our Business

Wash n fold

At Mr Suds you can get your laundry done in Just 4 minutes.  2 Min to drop off and 2 min to pick up!  You can drop off your laundry with us and we will wash it, and FOLD IT!  It costs $10 for 10 pounds of laundry.